Design Review Panel 25 November 2020

A meeting of the Design Review Panel will be held on 25 November 2020 starting at 1:30 pm via the Zoom Conferencing App. Panel members should ensure they are set up to use Zoom, and to contact the Panel Administrator if there are any problems with this.

The meeting will be held in the same manner as a live meeting, with a Chair and note taker. An additional member of staff will manage the mechanics of the meeting and timings have been altered to allow for this.

i. Items that are at the Pre-Application stage are NOT open to the public. All application numbers ending in NEW, or which are stated as pre-application, are Pre-Application items.
ii. Members of the public are welcome to attend as observers for items that are registered planning applications, but are not allowed to speak. For all other items, the Panel is not open for public attendance.
iii. Council officers and councillors are allowed to attend as observers at pre-application items.

The applications to be considered at this meeting are as follows, with times to be devoted to each item:
13:30 – 14:00 – Panel Members signing in to Zoom meeting, initial impressions of proposals from Panel members, questions/points of clarification from the Panel members and signing into meeting of Item 1 applicants. Introductions between Panel and Applicants.

1. Pre-Application: 20/P0952, Colliers Wood Tower (land to the south of), Colliers Wood
Case Officer: Jonathan Lewis.
Ward: Colliers Wood.

Proposal to develop 440 residential units on land to the south of the current 19 storey colliers Wood tower (Britannia Point) with buildings of 26 and 16 storeys with mixed ground floor uses and public realm/open space provision. Proposals for this site were previously reviewed by the Panel on 3 June 2020, receiving a RED verdict.
14:00 – 14:45

14:45 – 15:00: Panel debrief (if required)


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