Merton Council Cabinet

PositionLeader of the CouncilJoint Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and EducationCabinet Member for Finance, Performance, Recovery
and the Local Economy
Cabinet Member for Local Environment and Green SpacesCabinet Member for Women and EqualitiesCabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and the Climate EmergencyCabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health
HolderMark AllisonEleanor StringerOwen PritchardNatasha IronsMarsie SkeeteMartin WheltonRebecca Lanning

14 Jan 2022

Owen Pritchard to take on the Waste after the resignation of Cllr Tobin Byers

Joint Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance, Performance, Recovery and the Local Economy – Owen Pritchard

  • Joint Deputy Leader of the Council.
  • Leading on the Council’s recovery agenda.
  • Leading on performance monitoring and Service Planning.
  • Member Lead on the Your Merton, a place-based vision for the borough’s recovery from Covid-19
  • Responsible for effective communication with residents.
  • Responsible for implementation and roll out of CRM project.
  • Lead Member on Strategic infrastructure development in the borough.
  • Leading on efforts to boost trade and the local economy in town centres, supporting small businesses, markets and Business Improvement Districts.
  • Leading on the budget, including the development of revenue, capital and debt management strategies
  • Responsible for corporate finance, IT and audit, human resources, civic and legal services, and risk management
  • Lead on asset management, driving improvements in council performance and leading budget and finance performance review meetings
  • Leading on the change management agenda with responsibility for driving through value for money and efficiency within the council
  • Overseeing the Council Commissioning strategy
  • Monitoring progress of council-wide strategic approach to customer services and community support and access.
  • Monitoring the implications of Brexit on Merton Council, working alongside the Cabinet Member for Women and Equalities