Merton TV Alexa Skill

Merton TV News Flash Briefing

The Merton TV Alexa Skill brings you the latest news and schedules from the team behind Merton.TV, the borough’s number 1 source for watching streamed and recorded Council Meetings.

Merton.TV has consistently proven to be the first in alerting residents to important issues within the borough, this latest addition to our distribution methods keeps you up to date.

Our Alexa Skill, Merton TV News is a flash briefing service.  A flash briefing provides a quick overview of news and other content such as comedy, interviews, and lists.  If you enable the Merton TV News skill, Alexa will read you the latest news from our service together with any other sources you may also subscribe to such as BBC, Sky News etc.

How To Enable

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa App
  2. Click the More button
  3. Select Skills & Games
  4. Click the Magnify Glass to open search
  5. Type Merton TV in the search box
  6. Select Merton TV News from the results
  7. Click Enable To Use

You are now ready to go

Try saying
“Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”
“Alexa, what’s in the news?”

Merton TV News Free to Enable

Terms of use

Merton TV Alexa Skill is a hyperlocal news service from the volunteers that provide the content for Merton.TV

The news will be taken from Council Documents, our wide Council Staff or cross-party Councillor based audience.  We will seek to verify all news to be accurate before publishing but reserve the right to be incorrectly informed.

Merton TV Alexa Skill is a free service.