Incinerator Breaches

Viridor has been providing the emission reports since March 2019 (it has been burning long before this, but considered testing) They are hidden on their website updated twice a month (around 10 days after the end of the month and 10 days after the mid-month cut off they pick)

Between 1 March 2019 and 31 July 2023 (53 months) there have been 43 breaches of the TP3836CT permit.

2019 March 25 CO 547mg/m³
2019 April 20 CO 105mg/m³
2019 June 12 CO 111mg/m³
2019 June 24 CO 134mg/m³* Twice
2019 June 24 CO 134mg/m³* Twice

2019 July 29 CO 114mg/m³
2019 August 13 CO 266mg/m³
2019 August 18 CO 382mg/m³
2019 August 25 CO 770mg/m³* Twice
2019 August 25 CO 770mg/m³* Twice

2019 August 26 CO 268mg/m³
2019 August 30 CO 217mg/m³
2019 August 31 CO 117mg/m³
2019 October 21 CO 144mg/m³
2019 November 3 CO 109mg/m³

2019 November 12 CO 134mg/m³
2019 November 19 CO 116mg/m³
2019 December 2 CO 107mg/m³
2019 December 20 CO 132mg/m³
2019 December 30 CO 146mg/m³

2020 February 28 SO2 224mg/m³
2020 May 24 VOC 21mg/m³
2020 June 21 VOC 26mg/m³
2020 August 9 VOC 26mg/m³
2020 August 16 VOC 28mg/m³

2020 October 4 CO Daily Average 53mg/m³
2020 October 18 VOC 21mg/m³
2020 November 14 VOC 46mg/m³ *Twice
2020 November 14 VOC 46mg/m³ *Twice
2020 November 24 SO2 249mg/m³

2021 April 24 SO2 224mg/m³
2021 May 2 SO2 290mg/m³ *Twice
2021 May 2 SO2 290mg/m³ *Twice
2022 May 3 HCI 60.2mg/m³
2022 May 16 CO Daily Average 77mg/m³

2022 May 21 VOC 29.4mg/m³
2022 May 21 CO Daily Average 51mg/m³
2022 Jun 13 VOC 22.5mg/m³
2022 June 27 VOC 35.2mg/m³
2022 September 15 VOC 22.5mg/m³

2022 December 23 HCI 76.6mg/m³
2023 March 9 VOC 20.4mg/m³
2023 March 17 SO2 209.2mg/m³


The Environment Agency permit has seen 23x CO (Carbon Monoxide), 12x VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), 6x SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) & 2x HCI (Hydrogen Chloride) exceedances.

So far the incinerator has not reported any breaches in PM (Particulate Matter), NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) or NH3 (Ammonia), the other three emissions monitored.

On the 13th March 2022 the Croydon Council (under new administration after a Conservative Mayor had been elected, replacing Labour) has written to Viridor about the high number of emissions exceedances (five) at the plant during just 6 weeks of May and the first fortnight of June 2022.  The subsequent SLWP South London Waste Partnership meeting that had already been postponed was not broadcast publicly as every single meeting (not cancelled)  since the beginning of data had been published.

An Environment Agency Consultation proposing to increase the waste processing amount (and therefore pollution) by 10% was held between 10 November 2022 and 23 December 2022.  The South London Waste Partnership representation along with the councils of Merton and Sutton used incorrect data compiled by the South London Waste Partnership to oppose the application.  Only AFTER the consultation ended, and yet ANOTHER breach before the final comment had been submitted to the consultation, the South London Waste Partnership conceded the information they have been quoting was wrong, and that the evidence published by Merton.TV website is accurate.