Design Review Panel 25 September 2019

A meeting of the Design Review Panel will be held on 25 September 2019 starting at 6:00 pm in Committee Rooms B & C on the 1st floor in Merton Civic Centre.
i. Items that are at the Pre-Application stage are NOT open to the public. All application numbers ending in NEW, or which are stated as pre-application, are Pre-Application items.
ii. Members of the public are welcome to attend as observers for items that are registered planning applications, but are not allowed to speak. For all other items, the Panel is not open for public attendance.
iii. Council officers and councillors are allowed to attend as observers at pre-application items.
The applications to be considered at this meeting are as follows, with times to be devoted to each item:
6:00pm – 6:15pm – Viewing of display material by Panel members
1. Application: 19/P2127, 2 Park Avenue, Mitcham

Case Officer: Catarina Cheung.
Ward: Graveney

Backland development of a mews of 5 houses/flats on former scaffolding yard. The Panel previously reviewed a scheme for this site on 24 July 2018, giving it a RED verdict.
6:15pm – 7:00pm

Land Adjacent to 2 Park Avenue Mitcham CR4 2EL
2. Pre-Application, 19/P2258, 227 Western Road, Colliers Wood

Case Officer: Catarina Cheung.
Ward: Lavender Fields.

Development of vacant house and garden on corner site with 5 storey block of flats. The Panel previously reviewed a scheme for this site on 24 July 2018, giving an AMBER verdict. The scheme was submitted and subsequently appealed on grounds of non-determination and dismissed.
7:00pm – 7:45pm
3. Pre-Application, 19/P1366, Abbey Wall Works, Station Road, South Wimbledon

Case Officer: Stuart Adams
Ward: South Wimbledon

Development of site with 4-6 storey residential building with some ground floor commercial/retail use, replacing existing single storey employment uses.
7:45pm – 8:30pm
4. Pre-Application, No Number Yet, Eastfields Estate, Mitcham

Case Officer: Sam Lowther
Ward: Figges Marsh

Reserved Matters application for Phase 1l redevelopment of the estate The masterplan for the estate was reviewed by the Panel on 21 September 2016, receiving a GREEN verdict.
8:30pm – 9:15pm

The following Development Plan policy considerations are potentially relevant to the design of each scheme.
2 Park Avenue
227 WesternRoad
Abbey Wall Works
Eastfields Estate
Conservation Area NO NO YES1 NO
CA Appraisal NO NO YES1 NO
Listed Building NO NO YES2 NO
Locally Listed Building NO NO NO NO
Metropolitan Open Land NO NO NO NO
Nature Conservation or
Open Space NO NO NO YES3
Archaeology NO YES YES NO
Scheduled Ancient Mon. NO NO NO NO
Historic Park/Garden NO NO NO NO
UDP/LDF Site Proposal NO NO NO NO
Flood Plain NO YES NO NO4
Planning Brief NO NO NO NO5

1. Wandle Valley Conservation Area heritage/conservation-areas-list#areaw
2. The northern boundary of the site is bounded by the statutorily listed walls of the former Merton Abbey.
3. The site is surrounded on three sides by designated open space and part of the peripheral open space within the estate boundary is also designated open space. There is also considerable un-designated open space within the estate.
4. The site is not within a flood plain but the NE corner of the site, under which a culvert runs, is subject to occasional surface water flooding.
5. The Council has prepared a Local Plan specific to Eastfields to provide the planning framework for the estate redevelopment


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