Merton.TV Investigates – #SLWP Contract

Details of how the original 2017 SLWP (South London Waste Partnership) Contract for waste & recyclate collection & marketing, winter maintenance, vehicle maintenance & street cleaning (Lot 1) with Veolia for Croydon, Kingston, Merton & Sutton boroughs has been renegotiated with a lowering of standards at a higher price to residents.

Also includes further investigation into the partnership’s continual policy of burning recycling.

Narrated by Pippa Maslin


Original 2017 Lot 1 Appendix A PDF

Updated 2022 Lot 1 Appendix A PDF

Source: for both documents


About Pippa Maslin

Born to a Filipina and a Briton, Pippa first lived in the St Helier ward when she moved from Manila to Morden in 1977. A state secondary school English teacher for thirteen years, a Media Arts university tutor during the completion of her doctorate, and currently a caseworker for a local Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation, she returned in 2013 and has been active in the community ever since. Driven to help others. She has started a monthly litter pick to help clean up the Morden. Got the Council to improve disabled access to Morden Recreation Ground. Made BT take away two disused and vandalised phone boxes. Worked with neighbours to beat down an unfair major works bill from their housing association. Worked with fellow residents to protect Morden Park from being used for unsuitable events. Successfully petitioned the Council to declare a climate emergency and review its carbon reduction plans for the borough. Worked with the Council and other residents to create a Climate Strategy and Action Plan for the borough.
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1 thought on “Merton.TV Investigates – #SLWP Contract

  1. The streets of Merton and Croydon are disgusting. There is rubbish everywhere. Fly tipping is not being collected now! I have complained to Siobhan McDonnagh. But Merton is a labour council, probably hand picked by our MP, I think. Take a walk around the Willow Industrial Estate. That place has never been cleaned and is becoming a rubbish tip in its own right. Rubbish is also being dumped on the side of the road going into the site. Lombard estate in South Wimbledon on the other hand is really clean. Why the double standards.
    Veolia must go!!! They are already useless. Why are we employing a French Contractors? We should be looking at a new company, preferably British especially post Brexit.
    The shortages of drivers is down to COVID and not Brexit. 90,000 driving tests have been held up, impossible to do because of risk of infection. But companies have been urged to solve this problem themselves.
    People put rubbish out on the street before bin day. If it is not collected it remains there until next bin day…again it’s not collected. It is dangerous for the general public to pick up rubbish with their hands because again the risk of infection of COVID. People should be fined heavily. For all breaches of refuse disposal, fly tipping, leaving rubbish out, dropping litter on the streets. We should be tightening the rules not relaxing them for everyone. And the harm to our environment and people’s health. It is well documented that rubbish left around I’d detrimental to people’s not just physical but mental health too. This again adds a cost to the borough by more people getting ill.
    I was at a bus stop when this kid took the cover off his lollipop and threw it on the picked it up and said shall I put this in the bin for you? His mother was there!! We need a person going around schools and business educating them on litter and the fines imposed when caught. You can’t do that with Veolia because they are incapable wanting their own rules relaxed…they are obviously not interested in keeping our streets clean. We need a new contractor, the sooner they go the better. Mitcham again and probably Morden are getting dumped on the worse.
    I went to Wren, a kitchen company in Croydon. The rubbish on the back streets is disgusting. We are turning into a third world country.
    If these relaxation rules come into force you will have to plough through rubbish to get to your house, which will devalue because nobody want to live in a dirty town. People are dumping rubbish in the middle of the town now. The lane by Barnard Marcus Estate agency is becoming a rubbish tip. With all the eatery places in town you would think that they would be worried about rats.
    Something HAS to he done.

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