Raynes Park Community Forum 13 June 2019

Venue: Raynes Park Library


No. Item
1. Welcome and Introductions

In the Chair:  Cllr Anthony Fairclough

2. Open forum

An opportunity to raise any other issue of local interest not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

Kindly email your request in advance of the meeting to: chris.edge@ccedge.com and anthony.fairclough@merton.gov.uk

3. Wide-reaching general discussion on ideas in the Raynes Park area

  • Rubbish and recycling collections [Claire Walsh, waste team & Veolia rep]
  • Environmental issues [Cllr David Dean]
  • Planning matters [Kris Witherington]
  • Review on number of Councillors and Ward boundaries [Chris Edge]
  • Town Centre Developments & events [Tony Edwards]
    • Astro turf and benches on South Side
    • Removal of bins on north side
    • Bulb planting
    • Railway
    • Improvements and funding available
    • Ward allocation scheme suggestions from residents [Anthony Fairclough]
  • Farmers Market [Simon Greig]
  • Summer festival starting 28th June & Christmas Festival [David Hirst]
  • Business issues
    • Local Business group [Tony Edwards]
    • Business rates and LBM Discretion [Chris Edge]
  • Business and residential parking [Chris Edge]
    • Residential permits
    • Business Permits
    • 20-minute free parking on existing meters on north side
4. Date of next meeting

Thursday 19 September 2019 Cllr Eloise Bailey
Thursday 5 December 2019 Cllr Pauline Cowper
Tuesday 31 March 2020 Cllr Adam Bush


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