Planning Application Committee All England Club, Grand Drive, SW20 9NB

Application No.: 18/P1024
Date valid: 28/03/2018
Address/Site: All England Club Community Sports Ground Raynes Park Playing Fields Grand Drive Raynes Park, SW20 9NB
Ward: West Barnes
Proposal: Hybrid application for All England Lawn Tennis Club tennis facility: Planning permission in full for 16 x external grass tennis courts, 3 x acrylic tennis courts within permanent air dome, associated landscaping including Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, car parking, amendment to access arrangements; and Outline planning permission (with appearance, landscaping and layout reserved) for replacement two storey clubhouse and new outbuilding for maintenance purposes.
Drawing No.’s: 133-(PL)002 (Rev: 06), 133-(PL)010 (Rev: 07), 133-(PL)011 (Rev: 09), 133-(PL)110 (Rev: 04), 133-(PL)210 (Rev: 04), 133-(PL)211 (Rev: 01), 133-(PL)220 (Rev: 02), 133-(PL)222, SK003 (Rev: J), SK005 (Rev: F) and 133-(PL)001 (Rev: 02).
Contact Officer: Jock Farrow (020 8545 3114)


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