XR Merton Wimbledon Hustings 4 December 2019

The first of two Climate Question Time events hosted by XR Merton, the local group of Extinction Rebellion.

All four candidates standing in the General Election 2019 ballot were asked to attend the meeting, sadly one of them refused (Stephen Hammond, Conservatives).

The hustings took place at Wimbledon Congregational Church – 15 Dundonald Road, Wimbledon

The debate was chaired by Sustainable Merton CEO Diana Sterck.

Wimbledon candidates choice in the General Election 2019 are:

Graham Hadley Hadley, Graham – Independent
Conservative Party Hammond, Stephen – Conservatives Party https://www.stephenhammond.net/
Liberal Democrats Party Kohler, Paul – Liberal Democrats Party http://www.paulkohler.org/
Labour Party Schneider, Jackie – Labour Party https://www.jackieschneider.org/

In association with Wimbledon Times and Merton.TV


Wimbledon TimesRead the report from Wimbledon Times Local Democracy reporter Tara O’Connor


Graham Hadley, Paul Kohler, Jackie Schneider & Stephen Hammond represented by a bowl of melting ice cubes

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