Budget Meeting, Merton Council 3 March 2021

Venue: This will be a virtual meeting and therefore not held in a physical location, in accordance with the Coronavirus Act 2020


1. Apologies for absence

Cllr Laxmi Attawar, Cllr Natasha Irons (Maternity)

2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest
3. Minutes of the previous meeting  PDF 110 KB
4. Business Plan 2021-2025  PDF 9 MB

Part 4A, paragraph 3.3 of the Constitution states that the business at the Budget Council meeting shall include the following:

  • receive a presentation of the Budget/Council Tax report from the relevant officers
  • officers to respond to questions from members via the Mayor
  • receive remarks from the Cabinet on the report
  • Council to debate the report and take any motions or Amendments

In accordance with Part 4A, paragraph 10.4 of the Constitution, all decisions relating to either the substantive budget motion/proposal or any amendments to it, will be taken via a recorded vote (roll call).

4a. Business Plan 2021-2025 Savings Information Pack  PDF 7 MB

This report is provided separately and will be discussed as part of the preceding agenda item on the Business Plan.



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Merton Council used to have a closed attitude to Council Meetings, but after pressure from Merton.TV they now publish a handful of meetings a year. However, under the COVID-19 lockdown, the Democratic Services have really put in a lot of hard work to unlock democracy and Livestream meetings.
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